Monday, 20 May 2013


What about children's style? Browse my sister in law's blog "A FASHION CAKE" and discover the world of a mother and her baby: they are a wonderful couple and I love them! The blog is a cake of baby fashion tips, advices for young new mum, daily life of a young mother with her 2 years old childred and much more!

The last picture is from gypsycustom: an idea for father and son!

Friday, 17 May 2013

How to wear Zara: Olivia Palermo

We all know Olivia Palermo loves Zara (and I love Zara as weel) 
since her first outfit with the caramel bow bag.

She didn't stop there: she wears Zara daily, in a lovely way.

Zara caramel bow bag (still in shop now, in so many colours)

Zara peach coat

Zara peach coat, zara animalier skirt

 Zara animalier skirt

 Zara flower print dress

Zara caramel sandals

Mira Duma's details from instagram